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Building Efficiency Standards

Kitchen SketchAt White Construction and Design, we are constantly updating, revising, and refining construction techniques and use of materials to improve the energy efficiency of the building we create.  Because of our long history in construction we have been able to sort through what does or doesn’t work in the evolving world of construction science.  We employ the latest green building techniques in our fabrication, insulation and product choices.

An energy efficient home from White Construction and Design includes a combination of the following construction elements:

  • Geothermal Mechanical Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Closed Cell Spray-In Foam Insulation
  • Blown in Blanket Insulation
  • Radiant Heating (in key areas)
  • Air Cycler Controller Intake
  • Continuous Foundations
  • Sealed Crawl Spaces

InsulationGeothermal Mechanical Installation - The Cadillac of mechanical units whether being open or closed loop systems, these units are unbeatable in performance in certain houses coming in excess of 26 SEER efficiency ratings.

Closed Cell Spray In Foam Insulation - Is the best and most efficient insulation achievable once installed.  (A 4000 ft. house requires less than $70/month to heat and cool)


BIB (Blown In Blanket) Insulation - is the most used insulation by our company which provides the necessary 100% SURFACE CONTACT WITH THE HOUSE ENVELOPE at a slightly more economical approach than the full spray foam approach.  White Construction currently has multiple houses at 4000 square feet averaging $120/month using this insulation technique.  (These houses are Geo-Thermal)

Radiant, and Electric Floor Heating, Fresh Air Intake  - Cost effective and comfortable for a nice touch.

Air Cycler Controller Intake - White Construction considers this mandatory in certain insulation packages.  This healthy solution keeps a minimal positive pressure inside the home.  Positive air pressure creates a healthier environment by minimizing dust, and stale air from encroaching a typical house, which is under vacuum.  This also is necessary on high quality construction that is air tight to in order to properly manage air circulation.

CrawlspaceContinuous Foundation and Sealed Crawl Space - In the initial construction of a home, White Construction digs a continuous footing usually exceeding that of code requirements.  A continuous masonry wall using filled 8" x 16" blocks is constructed continuously around the perimeter.  With no exterior piers, the possibility for point settling is greatly minimized.

All White homes (unless requested otherwise) will have a sealed crawl space that is climate conditioned.  After backfill is added to the crawl space, bringing it higher than the outside elevation, a 3" concrete slab is poured and finished under the home on top of a 6 mil barrier of poly plastic.  The concrete in part protects the plastic thus providing an impenetrable barrier for sub terrain moisture.  Multiple circulation fans and central dehumidification are installed to ensure mold and mildew will never be a problem to contend with.  The humidity level and temperature of the crawlspace are regulated from within the homes.  This finished floor system also makes it wonderful in future to add to or modify your home from beneath.

White Construction Minimal Technical Standards of Production

a. All exterior house walls serving as the insulation air barrier will be a minimum of 2” x 6” walls.  All glass in windows and doors will be double pane, Low E / Argon–thus providing for the maximum efficiency in the construction industry.  No U-value will be greater than 0.49 and no solar heat coefficient will be greater than .058.

b. All Mechanical systems will be 16 SEER in efficiency or better.  Ducts will be designed to allow for no more than 3% duct leakage.  (e.g., a 2000 square foot house shall not have more than 60 CFM of duct leakage.).

c. An ACCA manual J-based load calculation for equipment sizing and ACCA Manuals D and T calculation will be used to assist with room by room air flow requirements.

d. There will be a continuous, durable air barrier totally surrounding all conditioned space wherever possible.

e. The house air tightness will be constructed such that the mechanical leakage should not exceed 0.30 cfm per square foot of the house envelope when tested at 50 Pascals of pressure.

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